Walking through Winter

In my book I tell my personal story of loss which involved the loss of five babies through miscarriage and our first daughter Libby who died in labour at full term in 2012. With reference to my story, I address how winter seasons feel in our lives and the theological and existential questions that these seasons raise. From here, I move to discuss how we can, with God, ‘brave the elements’ of winter and walk with faith and authenticity through our seasons of loss. Using the Danish practice of hygge as a metaphor, I describe how we can create a rule of life for winter (hygge for the heartbroken), which will enable us not just to endure winter, but to experience God’s loving presence in the midst of the bleakest of winters. 

Whilst you can read Walking Through Winter all in one go; my hope is that you would then come back and take time in each chapter looking to apply the teaching and to read around the subject using the references I have given. More than this, I would love it if this book became a reference guide that you keep on your shelf to refer back to at different times in life.

The Press Release has a link to a sample chapter of my book. Why not try before you buy?


Stephen Cottrell

Stephen Cottrell
– Archbishop of York

Walking through Winter is a timely and honest exploration of grief, suffering, lament and hope. Even if its theme is loss, it is brimming with life. Using the metaphor of the seasons, and drawing on costly personal experience and a wide range of resources, it is full of practical wisdom, authentic compassion and accessible theology.

Lucy Peppiatt

Lucy Peppiatt
– Author and Principal, WTC Theology

Katherine writes that she often describes the death of Libby, her baby daughter, as ‘something akin to a bomb going off’ in her life. This book charts the journey of how she learned to let God love her in and through pain and loss. It is a vulnerable, wise, authentic, and theologically enriched account of grief. Walking Through Winter is deeply moving and will speak to many, perhaps especially Christians who come from a world where grief, suffering, and pain are simply problems to be fixed. For anyone who has ever been told that, this book will come as a huge relief.

Paul Harcourt

Paul Harcourt – Former National Leader of New Wine, England

Katherine’s story of loss is heart-breaking, but her description of what she’s learnt – and what can never be taken away – is profound and beautiful. These pages are full of comfort and wisdom for all who are facing their own winter and those who travel with them.

Simon Ponsonby

Simon Ponsonby – Pastor of Theology, St. Aldates, Oxford

St. Paul tells us that we comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. Katherine in her new book ‘Walking through Winter’, comforts us with the comfort she has received as she journeyed through personal Trauma and tragedy. It is a vulnerably honest, beautifully written, deeply considered, theologically grounded book that doesn’t seek to answer all our questions but shines the light of Jesus into our valley of shadows. I wholeheartedly recommend it for all who are journeying through pain or accompanying those who are.

Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill – UK Director Care for the Family

Walking Through Winter is a book forged in the crucible of a personal story of tragedy and loss. With an honest vulnerability Katherine invites us to join her as she journeys through winter. Full of theological insights, not dodging the difficult questions or giving easy answers, Katherine brings an inspirational message of courage and hope that will bring strength to anyone struggling to make sense of loss.

Brian Draper

Brian Draper – Author and contributor, Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

We all encounter ‘winter’ in its many different forms – physical, spiritual, metaphorical, literal … – but far from avoiding or escaping the darker days, Katherine shows, instead, how to walk into them with courage, and to come through them, with transforming grace.
I, for one, am grateful.

Bradley Jersak

Bradley Jersak – Dean of Theology & Culture, St. Stephen’s University 

The raw authenticity, the inexplicable courage, and the life of grace with which I watched Katherine walk through life’s great winter is expressed beautifully in this book. Without a doubt, readers have already or will inevitably face into their own unique icy windblast. Such is life. When you do, I commend Katherine and her memoirs as a seasoned and trustworthy guide. Invite her story onto your journey as she has invited you.

Sheridan Voysey

Sheridan Voysey – Author and contributor, Radio 2’s Pause for Thought

Multiple miscarriages. A daughter lost in childbirth. Katherine Gantlett knows the blistering chill of life’s winter seasons. But by facing her heartbreak while never losing hope, she has journeyed through to spring and has gifts to share with us from the experience. Combining vulnerable storytelling and practical help with theological reflection, Walking Through Winter is indeed the ‘hygge for the heartbroken’ she wishes it to be – a book offering shelter and warmth for our own dark days.

Praying through Infertility cover_50

Each daily devotional includes:

  • Scripture verse and prayer
  • Inspirational story where fears and anger are transformed into confident expectation and pure worship
  • Intentional prompt of the day to help you personally encounter God

Praying through Infertility

I felt very privileged to be asked to contribute to Praying Through Infertility, a 90-day devotional book for anyone walking through or accompanying others through infertility.

Written by men and women who have faced infertility themselves with various outcomes, this book reminds you that you are not alone.

Praying Through Infertility doesn’t offer advice on treatments or give spiritual formulas for miracle conceptions. Instead, it offers an empathetic and hopeful accompaniment through the long dark night you are walking through.

This is the book to read when you need hope for the journey, and the book to give when you don’t know what to say.

Written by Fellow Travellers

There aren’t many resources for Christians facing infertility, and most of those available are written primarily for women from one person’s perspective. Praying Through Infertility draws nearly 40 contributors from nine countries together, both men and women, to share their lessons learned on almost every experience an infertile couple can face.

Some contributors have been blessed with biological children, some have formed families through fostering or adoption, others are walking forward childless, and some are still on the path. They have experienced many of the medical options available, from IVF to donor eggs and sperm. What they share is an experience of infertility’s dark depths, and a faith that’s held strong through testing.

Spring Bluebells artwork used with kind permission of Sam Thulin.